The Company

About the Company

At Heritage where we provide short term insurance products, we pride ourselves on our history of claims payment.

This was recently recognized when we won the award for Outstanding Insurance Underwriter in Claims Settlement as nominated by members of the Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya.

We are also rated AA- by Global Rating Company (GRC), for amongst other reasons, our high claims paying ability.
This is one of the highest international ratings awarded to a Kenyan insurer.

Our History

The Company traces its origins back to 1908 and 1924 when the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society and The Legal & General Insurance Company, respectively commenced their Kenyan operations in 1924.
These two Companies merged their interests in 1976 to form The Heritage Insurance Company Limited and in the 1980s, the shareholding of Norwich Union and Legal & General was purchased by local shareholders hence The Heritage became a fully locally owned Company.
In 1996, The Heritage merged with African International Insurance Company (A.I.I.) and changed its name to The Heritage A.I.I. Insurance Company.

Heritage Tanzania

The Company went regional in 1998 by establishing a subsidiary company in Tanzania -The Heritage Insurance Company (T) Limited. In 2002 we partnered with Strategis Group of Zimbabwe to form the first private health insurer in Tanzania – Strategis Insurance.
In 2004, The Heritage Insurance Company (T) Ltd. acquired 45% shareholding of Alliance Insurance Corporation of Tanzania to form the largest insurance company in that country.